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About Grande Hills

Grande Hills Estates is a unique country subdivision, located in the first foothills of the northshore in Bush, Louisiana.

Each homesite has a minimum lot size of 5 acres.

In keeping with our proximity to "St. Tammany horse country", horses are allowed.

A 54-acre lake in the center of the subdivision's 214 lots provides for good fishing and non-gasoline (electric) motorized boating.

Along with the laid-back ambiance, you will find this a beautiful place to live with an active Homeowner's Association.

History of Grande Hills

On 28 September 1984, the Lexington Hills Partnership established the Grande Hills Estates subdivision containing 1376.5 acres, specifying the property was to be used only for residential purposes. All 214 lots were to be no smaller than five acres. The site was formerly the location of a Tung oil plantation and these unique trees still are present in areas throughout the subdivision.

The subdivision consists of gently rolling hills, serene pastures, and towering pines. Eleven miles of winding asphalt roads weave throughout the subdivision. In keeping with our proximity to “St. Tammany horse country”, many residents own and ride horses in the subdivision. An equestrian’s dream, the subdivision allows for an unlimited number of horses per lot and is uniquely suited for horse ownership. In line with this theme, all of the major roads in the subdivision are named for major horse racetracks and the secondary roads are named for famous racehorses.

Grande Hills Estates is a quiet country subdivision in the rolling hills of St. Tammany Parish and offers the free uncluttered privacy of rural life. A strong Homeowners’ Association, an Architectural Control Committee, and strict building codes ensure the quality and lifestyle you want and deserve. A beautiful 54-acre lake with easy boat-ramp access provides for great recreational opportunities, blending in with the natural beauty of the country surroundings and helps support the deer, waterfowl and other wildlife that abounds in the area.

Many beautiful homes are completed and many more are under construction. They are excellent examples of what an exclusive residential community is supposed to be. Currently, there are 155 property owners and approximately 150 homes in the subdivision.

Golf, tennis and other recreation is a short drive, but whatever your pleasure, you’re never far from the clear sparkling waters of Grande Hills and the perfect atmosphere for outdoor family fun. Because of its unique terrain and clear waters, for the past several years, Grande Hills subdivision has hosted the local Crawfishman Triathlon Race. Each event has about 350 athletes who run, bike, and swim in and around the subdivision. It is a wonderful family event and very exciting for all who attend.